EDUC@S, in collaboration with the Asociación de Estudiantes y Amigos de la EOI, decided that Escuela Oficial de Idiomas would be a suitable space to push ahead with the Festival, which motto this year has been the ART.
So then, on December 19 and with the different Christmas Holidays departments parties, the Festival started with its presentation and gratitude to  organizations, companies, sponsors and collaborators. It was presented by Mario Masó with the Spanish guitar playing of Francisco Nomdedeu. After this, there was one perform, named "Feelings". A recited and musical journey through ten Works of the sculptor and poet Marcelo Díaz who changed the EOI meeting room in a intimate and oniric space with the brilliant dramatization of the actors Maite Gil and Marino Muñoz, carrying everybody to a world where the most personal sensitivity lives.

Later, a lunch was offered to everybody for getting gain and continue with the wide offer of performances.

The schedule was very extensive and mixed and during two days, everybody enjoyed with music bands, dancing , folk, defense sports, etc.

Opening with "Liberdade Camara" and its Capoeira. Everybody applauded their rhythm and music.

"Suflete Romanesti" delighted us with their feminine voices, dressed as Santa Claus they gave a pretty color to the school central corridor.
Nadia, student of the University Jaime I, Master of Peace, sang Mexican traditional songs.

The meeting room was invaded with the flashy exoticism of the "P'gat un Ball" dancers with their marvelous dress. They delighted us with exotic music and the sensual corporal movements of the oriental dancing.
At once, the performances of the first day in the EOI were closed with the band "Forn" and its sophisticated Pop-Rock, with everybody dancing.
At the same time of the performances in the afternoon, there was a conversation workshop in the School cafeteria.

In the night, at the Terra Pub, we had the last performance of the day with the Jazz concert of José Muñoz, Sergio Huertas, Jordi Fabregat and Jesús Gallardo
The children were protagonists and priority of the second day afternoon with the drawing  contest. Every children participant got toys delivered by the clown Carolina.

Next, the Tai-Chi show offered by "Asociación Cultural Huang Shan" in the central corridor, attracted the curiosity of the spectators.

Immediately, the bagpipes and chants of the Galician band "Aturuxos Na Chaira" played in the corridors as long as the dance members dressed with their regional clothes were spinning and inviting to the spectators to accompany them in the dancing. It was the ending in the EOI place.
After the dinner, the English rock concert of the "Graham Foster Trio" in the D'LEYEND pub in Castellón was the closing, finishing late at night.

In the showroom, two exhibitions were offered during the two days:

- SMARA, brought us some superb and colored photographs about the hard life conditions of the Saharian people.

- The EAST COUNTRIES IMMIGRANTS ASSOCIATION showed ceramic objects and photographs about the Romanian history.
INTERNATIONAL AMNESTY solicited signatures against dead penalty, bringing us information about  abuses and  the lack of rights around the world.


- Exhibition of the art work of Maite Cuartero, "Matèria inerta", in the showroom of the Headquarters of "Dirección Teritorial de Cultura y Educación de Castellón", November 20-30.

Permanent activities:

- "La cueva"

- F@ciles.Art